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Why Daptiv?

Daptiv is Different

At Daptiv, we think there’s a better way to work. You have work to do, and we believe that managing servers, installing software, and planning for upgrades is something that we should take care of for you. Our leading, award-winning solution for managing projects and portfolios includes an integral collaboration environment to make it easy to work with the desktop tools you know, as well as powerful tools to present information in ways that make sense to you, while creating a single source of truth in your organization. We call this Work Intelligence™

Daptiv is about YOU

In addition, Daptiv allows you to easily extend the standard capabilities of our software. Designed for business users, not coders, Dynamic Applications give you the power to model and support your business processes with new applications that live right alongside the native project and portfolio management applications. You decide what information to capture, who has access to it, and how you want to report on it. The silos of information, and barriers to team success fall away.

Daptiv is easy to use

With its intuitive interface, Daptiv is accessible to everyone in your company – from product developers and IT teams, to senior executives, marketing departments and portfolio managers – and it syncs with MS Project, Outlook and other common desktop tools.

One of [Daptiv PPM’s] best features is its simplicity, ease of navigation and short learning curve. This eases user adoption, as oftentimes it requires little or no training. We needed a system that could manage multiple projects for our business units that are spread throughout the globe. Ease of use and high user adoption is the key to its success.

John Vantuno, InfoTechnology/portfolio management office of IT objects
Honeywell Specialty Materials

Daptiv is flexible

Daptiv’s secure Web-based environment easily adapts to the work management needs of any department – including IT, marketing, finance and human resources – with point-and-click system configuration and fast creation of forms, reports and alerts.

Daptiv’s whole suite of Dynamic Applications gives us flexibility. So far, we have developed approximately 15-20 Dynamic Applications and we are trying to develop even more right now.

Andrea Bennetti, Project Manager, US Programs
ABSL Power

Daptiv is robust

Daptiv spreads Work Intelligence throughout the enterprise, giving managers and executives unparalleled visibility into project, program and portfolio execution, as well as the ability to measure progress against key business priorities.

[Daptiv PPM] is highly customizable and well-suited to large organizations with multiple projects.

Daptiv is comprehensive

Daptiv allows your company to effectively manage five key business processes:

Our whole company can track requests, stages, time issues and risks, and collaboration across teams. Managers no longer have to dig through information because now it’s within a single environment.

Tom Bannon, Group Executive
Chase Paymentech Enterprise Project Office

Daptiv is proven

Daptiv has transformed the mid-office for more than 500 customers and 100,000 individuals at companies such as BASF, BP, Cushman and Wakefield, Dell, Fidelity, Frontier Airlines, Honeywell, Major League Baseball, Merrill Lynch, Movado, Sprint/Nextel, The State of Texas, QUALCOMM and RealNetworks.

[Daptiv PPM] creates an exceptionally friendly user experience... leaves many of the competing vendors... in the dust.


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