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IT Governance and Portfolio Management Software

“Managing the portfolio and ensuring that IT is aligned with the business—that’s absolutely critical. We need to ensure we’re prioritizing properly alongside the business.”

— Susan Klein, Senior Director, IT PMO, Frontier Airlines


CIOs must effectively manage IT delivery to achieve corporate strategies and goals. It’s a complex job that requires understanding key business drivers, investing in the right IT initiatives, managing service quality, and maintaining a lean cost structure to be competitive in the marketplace.

Senior executives and CIOs need the right IT governance processes and tools in place to be able to answer questions such as:

  • What is the right amount to spend on IT?
  • What are our people working on and how do we utilize our resources optimally?
  • What are the incoming requests from the business on IT?
  • Which IT projects are at risk and how do we course correct?
  • What is the business value we’ve realized from IT investments?


Daptiv for IT Governance offers end-to-end IT governance capabilities so IT can be managed as a business. Daptiv enables a structured approach to managing IT portfolios, including formulating strategy and business priorities, monitoring implementation of project portfolio investments, and managing operational and financial aspects of IT.

Business IT Alignment


Daptiv for IT Governance provides the following capabilities:


Demand Management

The first step in managing IT demand is to aggregate and understand all incoming work, including projects, enhancements and non-project work. Daptiv provides a best-practice project scoring model to allow quick evaluation without suffering “paralysis by analysis”. Portfolio optimization tools and scoring bubble charts allow the PMO to prioritize and shape the incoming demand in alignment with corporate goals and objectives.


Capacity Planning

A prioritized list of IT investments needs to be mapped to the available resource capacity to prevent resource contention. Non-project demand for ongoing operations are planned using workspaces for pre-allocation and time tracking, revealing true availability for project work. Capacity planning reports quickly identify capacity overloads, while the capacity planner application provides what-if analysis, allowing PMO’s to answer “when”, and not just “if” a project can start.


Resource management software

Resource Management

Daptiv starts with capacity planning, but then provides allocation tools, including Team Manager and Resource Allocation reports, to help resource managers with allocation decisions. Project managers then assign these resources to individual tasks, and users log their time using Daptiv’s web-based timesheets. Daptiv provides views and reports to roll up allocated, task, and actual time to provide visibility and decision support to all levels of management.


Portfolio management software

IT Portfolio Management: Monitoring

Daptiv tracks project portfolios, application portfolios, service portfolios and more. Portfolio components, including projects, operations, service catalog items and requests and application attributes, can be assigned and tracked in multiple portfolios. Dashboards show traditional project portfolio status, as well as reports to show how all work, including ongoing operations, breaks out by configurable attributes like Business Unit and Investment Class.


Gain Business Insight with Work Intelligence

Portfolio Management: Value Management

What’s IT’s value to the enterprise? Daptiv provides executives with insight into this question using several elements. Benefits scoring and tracking shows the value of projects, including non-financial benefits, on an apples-to-apples basis. Service portfolios roll up this and other data into business-oriented capabilities. Application technical and business value is tracked using application value and reported in reports targeted for a variety of audiences.


Adopt a Consistent Approach to Planning and Managing Projects

Project and Program Management

Manage project execution for multiple project methodologies, including waterfall, iterative, business process improvement, Agile, Six Sigma and more. Roll all project types up into unified portfolios. Daptiv’s project templates allow customers to provide pre-defined tasks, documents, and artifacts for each methodology—giving the project manager everything they need to get started.


Agile Development

Agile is now a mainstream methodology for software development in IT. Agile status data including all stories and their status can be viewed in Daptiv workspaces and project-level status indicators are automatically calculated. Agile project status is used in project status reports and burn-up charts. Agile data is then rolled into the portfolio reports to provide for a comprehensive project portfolio of all project types.


Time and expense for project management

Financials Management

Material expenses and labor costs need to be budgeted, tracked, and adjusted during the life of a project. Daptiv tracks planned and actual expenses or a more sophisticated three-tiered model can be used for tracking capital orders, purchase orders, and invoices. Labor cost estimates and actual costs are calculated using Daptiv’s built-in labor rate functionality and combined with material expenses for a complete picture of project finances.


Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management

Visibility into application inventory, let alone making upgrade and sunset decisions, is a challenge for most IT organizations. Daptiv provides specialized workspaces to create or import comprehensive application lists. Business and technical value are evaluated, and performance and incident data are imported through Daptiv Connect. Bubble-charts and application portfolio dashboards and reports allow IT executives and architects to evaluate the entire portfolio and make appropriate decisions.


IT Service Management

While IT manages applications and hardware, business thinks in terms of services like “communications” and “financial transaction processing”. Daptiv provides business-termed capability workspaces as a container for defining and controlling business services. These capabilities roll up into higher level service portfolios. Applications, projects, and non-project workspaces are all tagged with capabilities to provide for advanced service portfolio management.


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