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“We were able to rapidly deploy Daptiv to our entire team, and immediately realized value in terms of improving our visibility into the project portfolio, understanding the time we're spending on projects and improving the overall project management process.”

— Madeline Kerr, Director PMO, C&S Wholesale Grocers

Daptiv makes it simple for organizations to adopt our ppm software by providing solution templates that deliver immediate business value. Here are the four solutions Daptiv provides:

IT Project Management Software Solution

IT Governance

Daptiv for IT offers end-to-end IT governance capabilities so IT can be managed as a business. In addition to formulating strategy and monitoring implementation for project portfolio investments, Daptiv for IT also helps manage operational and financial aspects of IT governance. By integrating with application development tools, IT operations tools and ERP systems, organizations can now manage comprehensive IT portfolios and monitor service performance, quality, and cost across the IT 'lifecycle'.
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Project Management Office Software (PMO Software) Solution

Project Management Office

Daptiv's PMO solution enables Project Management Offices to implement a structured approach to managing project portfolios. Pre-built scoring models for analyzing project requests help you control project intake based on business priorities. The PMO solution centralizes project portfolio data for analysis and reporting and automates the capture of project data to minimize errors. Standard re-usable project templates, Dynamic Applications,™ and Work Intelligence™ reports help PMOs create higher quality project plans, and facilitate repeatable best practices.
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PSA Software (Professional Services Automation) Solution

Professional Services Automation

'Daptiv for PSA' helps professional services organizations (PSOs) to manage people, client engagements, and finances in one integrated application, allowing them to profitably deliver high quality services. The solution co-exists with CRM and ERP systems so that PSOs can continue to leverage their investments in these applications. Daptiv for PSA is pre-configured to track KPIs such as margin, utilization, leverage, and value, and provides powerful reporting through Daptiv's business intelligence capabilities.
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New Product Development Software (NPD, NPI, NPDI) Solution

New Product Development and Introduction

'Daptiv for NPDI' improves alignment between a company's product innovation process and its business strategy. The solution helps companies prioritize their innovation pipeline, providing a portfolio view of products and categorizing them based on various parameters such as market share, growth potential, and lifecycle stage. In addition, Daptiv for NPDI allows companies to take a project-based approach to new product introduction, providing pre-configured templates to manage scoping, business analysis, design and development, testing and validation, and product launch.
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Professional Services

Daptiv offers a wide-range of professional services based on an organization’s PPM maturity level and needs. Through our services offering we help organizations implement PPM solutions in a way that reduces risk and accelerates time-to-value.
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