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Project management offices (PMOs) have become ubiquitous in today’s corporate landscape. They also go by Program Management Office or Project Portfolio Management Office (PPMO). A PMO can exist at the corporate level (Enterprise PMO or EPMO) or at the departmental (IT, Marketing, Operations, etc.) level. As the name suggests, this office is intrinsically linked to the management of initiatives in an organization. An organization usually launches an initiative to change/improve the status quo. Hence, a PMO could also be thought of as an office that is responsible for effective change management in an organization.

Project Management Office (PMO) Process Overview

A PMO in an organization could perform one or more of the following functions:


  • Prioritize projects based on business needs
  • Align projects to a firm’s project portfolio
  • Allocate resources to a project based on project timing and needs
  • Assist stakeholders with business case development


  • Facilitate ongoing project planning sessions
  • Coordinate communications across business units
  • Conduct regular quality assurance reviews
  • Lead post-implementation reviews


  • Provide periodic reports to stakeholders and executives on the health of the project portfolio and the status of mission-critical projects
  • Ensure proper tracking of project data and milestones
  • Make recommendations on which projects need more investment or resources versus which ones need to be paused, delayed, or killed.

Standards, Methods, and Training

  • Develop and maintain methodologies and processes
  • Offer support for projects, acting as consultants on demand
  • Provide coaching and mentoring to project managers
  • Recommend, deploy and maintain a Project Portfolio Management solution


  • Foster cooperation and organizational alignment between executives and project teams
  • Provide fact-based and business-relevant recommendations to the business

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