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“We have increased our productivity by 30% now that we’ve started using Daptiv PPM.”

— Andrea Bennetti, Project Manager, ABSL

Daptiv is designed with real organizations and people in mind. We offer comprehensive Project Portfolio Management (PPM) functionality, but with the ability to introduce new capabilities when your organization is ready for them. This enables you to realize business value quickly before adding more sophisticated capabilities as your PPM process matures.

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New to Daptiv PPM!

Daptiv PPM has long offered market-leading project portfolio management (PPM) solutions, and has recently launched a new feature, 360-Degree Resource Planning, for next-generation PPM. Strategic resource planning has always been a cornerstone of Daptiv PPM, including a top-down capacity-planning process. Daptiv PPM 360-Degree Resource Planning not only includes this top-down view, but also bottom-up. The result is a clear view, both aerial and granular, to better develop forecasting and improve resource management. Also new in the Daptiv PPM release: A new and modern interface, improved notifications, and impersonation capabilities.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management software

Daptiv provides top-down portfolio management capabilities to help you manage and optimize many kinds of portfolios, including project, IT service, product and application portfolios.

In addition, Daptiv PPM provides a powerful system for streamlining project requests and project selection. Capture and centralize project ideas from your organization and then rate, score and prioritize your projects to ensure that your projects align with your business strategy.

As part of your project intake process, your organization can manage your long-range capacity by viewing the resource requirements of your potential projects together with work in progress, and then make adjustments.


Project Management

Project management software

Daptiv PPM equips project managers with robust features to improve forecasts, resolve issues, create accountability, spur collaboration, identify cross-project dependencies and deliver consistent project success.

Daptiv PPM’s fully interactive Gantt Chart provides a graphical overview of tasks for project schedules. Project managers can manage all project tasks and milestones using simple “drag-and-drop” functionality, or inline edit them in the Task List. In day-to-day use of Daptiv PPM, team members can view their tasks in a variety of ways, including on a dashboard, in the Task List or Gantt Chart. Since the Gantt Chart is automatically updated to show percentage of work complete, teams can always know the status of a project.


Resource Management

Resource management software

Daptiv PPM enables resource managers to effectively allocate resources against approved project requests. The new Daptiv PPM 360-Degree Resource Planning features provides 100% visibility into resource utilization—with both top-down and bottom-up visibility—to exponentially improve forecasting and streamline the communication process with project managers. Daptiv PPM’s resource management tools help organizations ensure they have the right resources in the right places at the right time.

Financial Management

Time and expense for project management

Daptiv enables sophisticated financial management processes that integrate with ERP systems to enable charge-back processes and financial reconciliation.

Daptiv Connect™ integration connectors are available for SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics GP and NetSuite, among others, and can be implemented in under 30 days.


Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management

Daptiv APM provides improved visibility into the application portfolio, enabling organizations to make more informed decisions about application investments, resourcing and lifecycle based on true cost/benefit analysis and impacts to established business objectives.

Stakeholders are able to rationalize, prioritize and optimize applications in order to reduce costs, gain operating and budgetary predictability, and reduce the complexity of managing the application portfolio.


Dynamic Applications™

Custom data applications for project management

Most organizations have unique business processes and templates as part of their project management methodology. Daptiv PPM gives business users the flexibility to build and provision Dynamic Applications™ to enable these in your organization. Dynamic Applications avoid pitfalls of spreadsheets (such as version control and shared access) by storing this data in one central repository. Data can easily be captured from anyone – coworkers, business partners or customers – and then business rules configured using Daptiv’s workflow engine. This data is accessible by Work Intelligence™ reports and dashboards to enable visibility across the organization.


Work Intelligence

Business intelligence and dashboards for project management

Daptiv gives organizations unparalleled visibility into business performance across the enterprise via Work Intelligence™ – enterprise-class, web-based reports, scorecards and dashboards. Daptiv Work Intelligence gives users (Executives, Project Managers, Resource Managers, and Team Members) the power to create and share reports, scorecards, and dashboards; thereby providing business insight into the planning and execution process (see How to Buy for more information on subscriptions).


Team Collaboration

Document management software

Daptiv PPM enables your teams to collaborate in a unified, secure environment. Daptiv keeps track of all your tasks, documents, issues, calendars, threaded discussions, news postings and polls. Daptiv PPM’s industry-leading document management capabilities feature version control, workflow approval and bulk uploading. You can standardize and centralize enterprise documents for increased organizational efficiency, and version tracking lets project managers make sure everyone on the team is working on the most up-to-date documents.


Security & Administration

Security and administration for project management

Daptiv PPM gives administrators a self-service control panel for creating and managing users, projects and project types, permissions and more. Daptiv delivers unmatched security and reliability, being the only ISO 27001, SOC 2 and US/EU Safe Harbor certified SaaS-based PPM provider. Daptiv PPM also maintains the highest level of customer data protection, ensuring encryption throughout every phase of solution delivery (i.e., in transit and at rest).


Daptiv Connect

Enterprise software integration

Daptiv Connect™, the on-demand integration service for Daptiv PPM, offers you a library of 150+ pre-built connectors to enable seamless integration between Daptiv and ERP, CRM, financial and other business systems. It doesn't matter if those systems are on-demand services like Daptiv or whether they're on-premise, installed software or databases.

The power of Daptiv PPM software integrations are magnified when combined with Daptiv Work Intelligence™. By bringing data from multiple systems into the Daptiv environment, and tying it to relevant projects, you can use Daptiv PPM reports and dashboards for even more visibility across your business.


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